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Yoga Relaxing Breathing Exercise!

Written By: Jim Long on August 5, 2017 No Comment

Hear is a complete, three part Yoga breathing exercise. You will find it both easy and healthful.

The Dirga Pranayama (Three Part Breath) is one of the basic pranayamas (or breathing exercises) of yoga. Sometimes called the “Complete Breath,” this pranayama is often the first one that beginners learn. The Three Part Breath calms the mind, centers it, and draws the breather’s concentration into the moment.

The Three Part Breath is therefore useful to learn even for those who wish to relax. Knowing how to relax (and actually relaxing) lessens the harmful effects of stress on the body and makes restful sleep easier to accomplish. It encourages proper breathing from the diaphragm, clears residual carbon dioxide from the lungs, and oxygenates the blood.

It’s often done while sitting comfortably in a cross-legged position, though it can also be done while lying flat on the back. Beginners may find it easier to learn this breath while lying down, since you can better feel the breath moving through your body.

To perform the Three Part Breath, lie on your back (or sit the in the comfortable cross-legged position) and close your eyes. If you’re sitting, make sure your spine is straight and erect. Relax your body and face. Observe your natural breathing patterns while trying to avoid any notice of distracting thoughts so your focus is on the breathing.

Inhale through your nose, filling the belly with your breath as if it’s a balloon; exhale, expelling all breath from your belly through your nose, pulling in the stomach to make sure it’s empty of air. Make sure your breathing is relaxed and smooth, without straining. Repeat this several times, and then shift to the next type of breath.

Perform the next inhale like the one before, except, when the belly is full of air, breath in a little more so the air enters the lower chest. Your rib cage should expand. Exhale from the chest first, then exhale from the belly as described for the previous type of breath. Repeat this for several times before transitioning to the third and final type of breath in this pranayama.

Inhale into the belly, then lower chest, then upper chest so it expands and lifts your collarbones. Exhale through the nose, from the upper chest first, then lower chest, then the belly. Continue this for about ten breaths.

To continue with the Three Part Breath, restart with the belly breath. With practice, you’ll be able to transition smoothly between each type of breath in this pranayama without pausing. This method of breathing is something most people can use and is especially helpful when first starting a new yoga workout.


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