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Keeping your own records of any medical care that you and your immediate family have received is the only way to be sure that your insurance and bills are free from mistakes. It may seem […]

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Meditation is a great option for a healthy body, mind and spirit.

In order for meditation to work, you need to breath. You have to make sure that you are doing all the right breathing methods so that you can make it work for your needs.

Meditation will help you to relax as you are doing exercises.  […]

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We all know how to make a peanut butter sandwich or even a hamburger. But if you want to make something bigger than comes in three layers, why don’t you learn how to make the quick and easy clubhouse sandwich recipe.

The clubhouse sandwich has been around for a very long time. It is believed […]

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What a joyous time of year! Whether we are looking for a cozy fire or searching for a sandy beach, life is good this time of year.  Whether our Holiday is traditional or very different, we all have much to be thankful for and even more to come.  So take a moment to reflect and […]

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Chicken is one of the all time favorite food. Both kids and adults enjoy having chicken whether in their sandwiches, salads, pasta, as appetizers, and as full meals. On the plus side, it is relatively inexpensive and can be quite easy to prepare. It is a good source protein, zinc and iron and depending on […]

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Anxiety disorders are often a product of stress. From GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) to panic disorder, you can cut back on the anxiety in your life simply by reducing stress. Stress is normal in daily life no matter who you are, but if you let your stress take control of your life, serious problems will […]

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If you’re a parent who spends very little time with your kids due to the daily hassles in your office and/or in your home, then I say this to you: make time. When you’re old and look back, you’ll regret not doing things with your kids. You might even end up miserable and hating yourself […]

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If you walk into McDonalds, you will be amazed by the different burgers they have available. In each, you have the bun and the burger but what makes each one unique are the toppings. You too can do the same thing at home and here are a few quick and easy burger recipes.

The first […]

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There are a lot of commercial health drinks out there in the market nowadays. They claim that they provide cure for illnesses, even citing studies of their drastic impact on cancer. But amidst these countless choices, we may e forgetting about nature’s most important “cocktail” – water.

Some health professionals say that most of […]

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Ok! You can’t actually murder your metabolism. But if you could, it would be a crime. maybe we need to re-think our view of metabolism. Let’s take a few minutes to the interaction of diet, the M word and healthy living.
For example, you are not consistent with dieting like you have been in and out […]

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Millions of people in America are trying to lose weight without much success. There are many reasons for this failure, although most would rather give up than fix their mistakes. Weight loss is hard! Without a little patience and knowledge about nutrition and exercise, your best weight loss plan may crumble. Learning the top reasons […]

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Soup is not something you serve before the main course. It can sometimes be the main course. Here are a few quick and easy soup recipes you can try out.

The first is spicy clam soup and to make that, you need to know the ingredients. These include chopped onions, minced parsley, salt and pepper, […]

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Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Since you are still sleepy from a good night’s rest, it is only right that you should know some quick and easy recipes that you can come up with in a few minutes.

If your kids love milk, then offer them something by combining milk […]

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Stop Smoking- quitting is hard; not quitting is even harder. If you are a smoker, start small and get the help you need. Limiting your cigarette intake is the first step to a healthier you and an improved lifestyle.

Aim for 30- 30 minutes of exercise each day is recommended by health professionals. This includes simple […]

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Every time we wake up in the morning we start to think about what the day will bring. Among the things that you will think about is work, your job, the commute to the office, your deadlines, and what to eat for breakfast. Yup, food is one of things that come to mind. It is […]

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