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Teeth Whitening as a Healthy Option!

Written By: Jim Long on May 7, 2010 No Comment

Can teeth whitening products be safe and healthy?

Do you know what causes stains in your teeth?  It is going to be interesting to you to find out what is dangerous to the outer layer of your teeth.

Eating food, nicotine and caffeine can change the color of your teeth.  It will form a layer like a pellicle film on your teeth and a dentist scraping it off can remove this with a chemical or.

Brushing your teeth is going to help clean your teeth and get rid of stains.  There are also toothpastes out there that will have a special abrasive to help along the process.  Teeth whitening toothpastes are very effective in cleaning stains on the teeth enamel.

Teeth enamel is very porous.  Hydroxyapatite crystals in the way of microscopic hexagonal rods are what make up the enamel.

The grouping of these different substances over the years can get into the pores and will lie in the inner layer of the teeth where they are hard to reach.  The deep stains are not going to harm you but they do not look attractive on your teeth.

In order to get rid of the stains, people will go to their dentist for the teeth whitening procedures.

A bleaching chemical is used called carbamide peroxide or a hydrogen peroxide when you are whitening your teeth.

This is the normal tooth-whitening agent and will cause a reaction that will break up the stains.

The chemical compound of car amide peroxide breaks inside the mouth and the hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide will be a very important factor in the act of whitening teeth.


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