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Written By: Jim Long on February 5, 2010 One Comment

There are usually two forms of Pilates.  There are the mat based ones and equipment based Pilate’s exercises.  With Pilates, the quality of exercises is the main goal.

Exercises should be performed through a slow sustained type of movement using abdominal control and the proper breathing methods.  There are many books and videos that are on […]

Written By: Jim Long on December 24, 2009 No Comment

Aerobic Exercise, No Matter What Your Age

Everyone wants to get healthier, and everyone knows what when it comes right down to it, doing aerobic exercise on a regular basis is something that can really take you from a point of being unhealthy, and bring you to a place where you can be healthy and […]

Written By: Jim Long on September 3, 2009 No Comment

Your healthy body not only depends on your healthy diet but also on proper physical workouts. But we are so busy. Is there time for  a warm-up? Is it necessary?

When you have to fit an exercise routine into your already busy schedule, you might be tempted to simply skip the warm up routine, even though […]

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