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Written By: Jim Long on January 28, 2011 No Comment

Healthy bodies require appropriate weight and proper exercise.

If you want to lose weight, you need plenty of diet to make sure that you’re burning fat and building muscle. One of the best ways to do this is to join a gym. Gyms come in all shapes and sizes, and there may be a number of […]

Written By: Jim Long on January 24, 2011 No Comment

Stress from being in debt is not a healthy option for your body, mind or spirit.

Money is a source of stress, no matter how much you have, or don’t have. Stress is brought about by worrying what you are going to do with your money, where you are going to get money, and how […]

Written By: Jim Long on January 21, 2011 No Comment

Aerobics is a great way to improve the health of your body and your mind. But what about your support system?

When it comes to any kind of working out, having a support system is very important. Most people use aerobics to stay healthy and resist weight gain, or even lose weight. There are a number […]

Written By: Jim Long on January 19, 2011 No Comment

A healthy lifestyle is desired by most people. Too often, we believe that we just can’t change our ways. Yesterday, we began with a list of 5 small steps to get you moving in the right direction. We talked about breakfast, fruits and vegetables, nuts, seafood and giving up sugary drinks. All these plus today’s […]

Written By: Jim Long on January 18, 2011 No Comment

Many of us are told to alter our lifetime habits to achieve a healthy body. For some this is an easy task. For others it is difficult to change unhealthy diet and exercise patterns.

Instead of undertaking a massive makeover, let’s try these small steps. Once you start on the path of making changes, it […]

Written By: Jim Long on January 8, 2011 No Comment

Stress can make for an unhealthy body, mind and spirit. Aim for a healthy lifestyle always. Sometimes we find those closest to us are our greatest problems.

Children can be a major change in your life. If you are suddenly finding it difficult to handle your children or that you are now in charge […]

Written By: Jim Long on January 4, 2011 No Comment

We have now had a few days to get started with our 2011 “To Do”lists. Some of the folks who got memberships to places where they can work out have now made their first and last visit. Our resolve to eat less and lose weight has already turned into a hazy memory. So much for […]

Written By: Jim Long on December 27, 2010 No Comment

Pilates Can Help the Disabled

Pilates is a form of about five hundred exercises that Joseph Pilates started and was inspired by calisthenics, yoga and ballet as well. These exercises worked to improve the flexibility, strength, and the balance the body has.

Pilates is not only a great physical experience that is designed to […]

Written By: Jim Long on December 18, 2010 No Comment

Aerobics for Beginners

If you are just getting started with aerobics, you might be feeling overwhelmed. It is true that there are many ways to work out, and that if you can manage to get a good workout you are going to be much more healthy. It is also true that you need to have a […]

Written By: Jim Long on December 11, 2010 No Comment

As a people, we love our homes. A recent study published by Health and Human Services notes that from 2000 to 2007, Home Healthcare and Hospice Agencies have grown in number by about 40%.

This underscores our desire to stay in our homes rather than be institutionalized when our physical health deteriorates. It also confirms […]

Written By: Jim Long on December 2, 2010 No Comment

Long-term stress is really unhealthy. For a healthy body , mind and spirit each of us must know how long term stress can manifest itself.

If a person is dealing with stress on a regular basis and doing nothing about it, it will be considered long term stress. Long-term stress can lead to physical or […]

Written By: Jim Long on November 29, 2010 No Comment

Over 60 million Americans are going to deal with a type of allergy at some point in their life. This is going to be about one in four people. It is the 5th most chronic disease in America and the third most common chronic disease for Children.

There are many people that […]

Written By: Jim Long on November 25, 2010 No Comment

Today is a special day of Thanksgiving in America. Wherever we live and whatever is going on in our life, each of us have much for which to be thankful. Family is always near the top of the list. Most of us have a healthy body. Yes, we have our aches and pains. For some, […]

Written By: Jim Long on November 20, 2010 No Comment

When you’re trying to lose weight, you can either choose to work out at a gym or at home. Both options are great for different people, but if you really want to maximize your personal weight loss, you should try to choose a system that works for you. While there are advantages and disadvantages to […]

Written By: Jim Long on October 30, 2010 No Comment

We all want a healthy body. What steps do we need to take for better health?

Without health, you will have a hard time enjoying your life. Sometimes, out health is out of our control. However, there are many things we can do to keep ourselves healthy. One of those things you can do is eat […]

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