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Written By: Jim Long on February 9, 2011 No Comment

We all want a healthy body, even when we need to take medication. Is there a difference between generic and name brand drugs?

Generic drugs are not much different from their name brand successor. The drugs are carefully regulated in exactly the same way so that they can contain the same amount of active ingredient […]

Written By: Jim Long on November 21, 2009 No Comment

The way of approving a generic drug was made easier by the Drug Price and Patent Term Restoration Act of 1984 that was introduced and more well known as Hatch-Watchman Act named from its main sponsors.

The FDA otherwise known as the Food and Drug Administration approves generic drugs just like all types of drugs in […]

Written By: Jim Long on September 22, 2009 One Comment

What is a generic drug?  Is it healthy for my body?
A generic drug is made once the patent of a new drug has expired.  It is the same as the original in just about every way.

How are generic drugs regulated?

Generic drugs are regulated by the FDA and must be tested and then approved by them […]

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