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Salute to Our Armed Forces on Memorial Day

Written By: Jim Long on May 24, 2014 No Comment

The armed forces are a wide network of agencies and services that provide for a certain country’s need of security and defense. Its network is also used in order to build wide array of connections internationally and relay effective communications towards neighboring countries in order to prevent misunderstandings and unwanted times of war. In other words these forces are also means of diplomacy but when the time comes that their designated country is at risk rest assure that these systematic bodies work together in order to achieve what is good for their nation.

Speaking of collaborating in order to achieve the common good, there is a branch of the US Armed Forces which works hand in hand with the US Navy in order to perform its duties. The United States Marine Corps is tasked for the provision of force projection from the sea. It utilizes the mobile facilities of the US Navy in order to execute combined-arms task forces. Within the civilian authority system of the United States military, the Marine Corps is said to be an element of the Department of the Navy. This is the reason why the two agencies are frequently working together in times of training and logistics purposes. But in the military structure of leadership, the Marine Corps is recognized as a separate brand.

On November 10, 1775 the act of Captain Samuel Nicholas involving the formation of two battalions composed of Continental Marines as part of the naval infantry triggered the placement of the Marine Corps within the circles of military service. Since then this brand of military has come a long way and has achieved a lot particularly at the dawn of the 20th century when its amphibious form of warfare proved to be effective.

This was primarily employed as the core concept during the Pacific campaigns revolving around WWII. As the middle phase of 20th century started to boil down the amphibious warfare ways of the marines have become a dominant theory of combat warfare and was essentially practiced in various regional crises. This gave the Marine Corp a significant place in promoting American forein policies.

As of June 30, 2009, the USMC is composed of 203,557 Marines who are part of active duty and about 40,000 Marines on the reserve list. It is noted as the smallest figure in the United States Armed Forces under the Department of Defense. Despite posting little amounts and figures of manpower the Marine Corps is regarded as having a large degree of advantage on the armed forces of known military powers across the globe including that of the active duty Israel Defense Forces or even the whole of the British Army.

The Marine Corps can be described as highly cost effective. It is noted that the cost per member of the corps is 20,000 dollars less than the cost of the members from other military services. The entire force also has the elite distinction of being utilized in both major and hybrid combat environments. The Marines are said to have fulfilled the coverage of the entire Three Block War.

The Marine Corps may be small in figures but their hearts make up a lot for the difference thus paving the way for a very reliable and competitive form of contribution to the US Armed Forces.


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