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More Self Improvement Tips for Family and Relationships!

Written By: Jim Long on November 16, 2012 No Comment

78. Schedule singles (or alone) nights as well- too much together time can actually lead to a strain in your relationship and cause you to lose touch with your inner self. Make sure you still do alone activities as well as activities together. Go fishing with the boys or plan a Wine Wednesday with the ladies. Don’t lose touch with that independent streak that makes you, well, you.

79. Eat dinner together- for most families, eating every meal together can be impossible. The kids have school, you have work and it’s just not going to happen. However, scheduling a sit down dinner every night is a great way to reconnect and recharge as a family -no television, no telephone and no text messaging. This will improve your relationships with your kids and your spouse and keep you all connected to what’s going on in your independent lives.

80. Discover the power of touch- touch is an incredibly powerful sense, especially when it is used to express love. A mother’s touch is soothing for a child and a husband’s touch can be sensual and romantic. Improve your family relationships by giving plenty of cuddles, kisses and family hugs.

81. Be more than a parent- many parents have trouble improving themselves when they see their children struggling. This is why you need to be both their Mom or Dad, and their teacher. Let them know you are there for them. Help them with schoolwork, work on their spelling and play reading games with them. When your child is having trouble in school, then so are you.

82. Choose hobbies that everyone can enjoy- families who laugh together, stay together. Make sure you involve all members of your family in activities. Camping, picnics, boating and fishing can be fun for the whole family. When you are spending more time doing activities alone than with your family, then this can lead to a disconnection and discontent. Reconnect and improve these relationships.

83. Travel together- family vacations are a great way to break out of that dull pattern and see the world through someone else’s eyes. Furthermore, for couples, taking a vacation somewhere out of the ordinary can bring back that spark that may have fizzled out. Discovering the sights and re-discovering each other in a foreign setting can be sexy and exciting.

84. Share the responsibility- Mom shouldn’t always be in charge of cooking and cleaning. Make sure everyone helps out, including Dad. Split up the chores so that the kids are helping with the dishes and so Dad is helping with laundry. This can take the household stresses away from Mom, help teach the children about responsibility and bring the family closer together.

85. The little things make all the difference- flowers to let her know you are thinking about her, a small chocolate treat for a great game of soccer, and a goofy text message just to say hello all put a smile on their faces and help strengthen those ever-important relationships.


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