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How to Use Pilates as a Healthy Option

Written By: Jim Long on February 5, 2010 One Comment

There are usually two forms of Pilates.  There are the mat based ones and equipment based Pilate’s exercises.  With Pilates, the quality of exercises is the main goal.

Exercises should be performed through a slow sustained type of movement using abdominal control and the proper breathing methods.  There are many books and videos that are on the market to help the consumer but it is important to see good instruction from a qualified Pilate’s teacher to get the right results.

The mat based Pilates exercises are usually the most popular type.  This is a series of exercises that are done on the floor using gravity and your body’s  own weight to make resistance.

The general goal of mat based Pilates is to condition the deeper supporting muscles of the body and to improve the posture along with  balance and  coordination.

Equipment based Pilates are for the more serious Pilates person. This form of Pilates will include specific equipment and some form of equipment based items.

Pilates also has free weights like dumbbells that will also offer resistance to the muscles.  The equipment can be expensive if  it is not properly used it could make it hard for the body to make muscles  tone correctly.

It is important that the equipment is used correctly and most people who practice the equipment based Pilates do so with the right Pilate’s trainer.

Pilates is very low impact and it is important to know the general precautions before beginning Pilates.

Each person  should talk to their doctor first before taking it on.  Women that are pregnant should ask their doctor first.

People that are over the age of 40 with any preexisting medical condition or muscle problems, or that are obese should speak with their doctor first.

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One Response to “How to Use Pilates as a Healthy Option”

  1. Goedkope TV says on: 7 February 2010 at 10:25 am

    This was a nice post! I am looking for some related pictures. Anybody got some good ones?

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