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Here’s To Your Health!

Written By: Jim Long on September 28, 2010 No Comment

No, I’m not toasting you over drinks at the club. Really, I lift to you (figuratively) a glass of V-8 . I’m not just talking about your physical health. You need a healthy mind and a healthy spirit as well as a healthy body.

Does that exhaust you? Are you tired of all the lists of things you need to do to be healthy? Relax! I don’t have a new list for you.  Probably you have seen as many lists as you will ever need. What is needed is mo of re doing and not more reading of lists.

Most lists are repetitive. It is hard to recall any food list that doesn’t include eating more fruits and vegetables. These lists tell us to eat a low fat, high fiber diet. And cut down on the salt and sugar. Is this the first time you’ve heard this? Probably not! As Elvis would say, we need a little more action and a little less conversation.

How about a workout! Have we been told we need to move more along with eating less? Neither you nor I need a list to tell us that walking, biking , stretching,  yoga or many other activities are good for us.

Would another list about staying mentally active help? Reading or doing crossword puzzles will help keep your mind in gear. Come to think of it, trying to stay ahead of your kids or grandkids will keep you on your toes.

Those of us who have managed to live beyond our teen age years know the value of a healthy spirit. That doesn’t mean we are all in church every time the doors open. Some don’t even know there is a door. But we don’t need another list to tell us that there is something deep inside of each of  us that tells us we have a purpose here.  Has anyone missed the articles telling us that folks with social ties live a better life.

No . No list today. Today we need to focus on what we already know. Take care of your body. Watch what you put in it. Eat a healthy diet. Move more, eat less. Resolve to stay mentally active. It may even be knowing the intimate details of the make believe lives on an afternoon soap opera. Are there any book clubs left? Do you think there might be an internet community that is of interest?

But what do we do when we eat too much or exercise too little? What if our spirit pulls our mind down. Re-focus. You have read the lists. You have succeeded and you have failed. It has happened before and will probably happen again. Life is very daily. Just remember what you already know and do what you know needs to be done. Not more knowing but more doing. You have the power to re-focus. So just do it!

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