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Healthy Resolutions!

Written By: Jim Long on January 4, 2011 No Comment

We have now had a few days to get started with our 2011 “To Do”lists. Some of the folks who got memberships to places where they can work out have now made their first and last visit. Our resolve to eat less and lose weight has already turned into a hazy memory. So much for Resolutions and new beginnings.

Before we put all these good thoughts to bed, let’s take a moment to think about where we are going.What will our lifestyle be if we continue our current health and wellness habits?

Good health is a lifestyle choice. Our physical, mental and spiritual health is a journey not a destination. Each of us needs to resolve to be in charge of our journey and not just go wherever our random choices carry us.

We know that our diet should include lots of fruits and vegetables. Sugar and sweet things need to be controlled. Resolve -not just for this year but for all time- to be accountable for your diet. Unfortunately, everything counts. The good news is that you can overcome momentary lapses and get back on track! There may be folks who are able to set out on a strict diet and exercise regimen and stick to it. But not you or me. We are just regular folk who try and fail and try again. Don’t give up! If you continually return to good dietary habits after lapses, you will profit by your overall healthy lifestyle.

Don’t forget to move more. Eat less is part of the formula but move more is very important. Select the activities that work for you. Maybe your work or your work at home provide most of the needed activity. For most of us, more is needed. All of us should have a combination of aerobic and anaerobic activity. It could be running or walking; biking or pushing a baby carriage. Some of us like the gym setting for weight work. Others prefer a home work out. Whatever works for you is what is best. Just because you missed a day or a week is no reason to quit.

While you are doing all this, keep mentally active. I know it sounds like a lot to do already but mental health is as important as physical health. For some this is easy. But for many it is a challenge. some of us just want to put our brain on “cruise” and watch life go by. Whatever it takes be active in your mind. Crossword puzzles, mystery novels, checking out your ancestry. Whatever it takes. Just do it!

As all these activities are being done, keep your spirit high. Your attitude has more to do with your outcomes more than most other factors. Keep a smile in your heart as well as a spring in your step.

Always, always bring yourself back to focus on your journey to your desired healthy lifestyle. You will get off track on occasion. Call yourself back to focus on what you want to do. Be who you want to be. This healthy lifestyle thing is an inside job. Resolve now to live the life you see in your minds eye.

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