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August 2017

Written By: Jim Long on August 28, 2017 No Comment

Every time we wake up in the morning we start to think about what the day will bring. Among the things that you will think about is work, your job, the commute to the office, your deadlines, and what to eat for breakfast. Yup, food is one of things that come to mind. It is […]

Written By: Jim Long on August 21, 2017 No Comment

If you feel bored and want to make something in your kitchen, one thing you make that is quick and easy are cookies. To give you an idea, here are a few recipes that are worth baking.

The first thing you can make is peanut cookies. For that, you will need some flour, baking power, […]

Written By: Jim Long on August 12, 2017 No Comment

Simple Fixes on Your Quest to Find Quick and Easy Vegetarian Recipes

If you love to have guests at your house, you must always be ready with various types of food that everybody will appreciate. You cannot expect that everyone will enjoy your delicious roasted chicken or pork. You must always anticipate receiving guests who are […]

Written By: Jim Long on August 5, 2017 No Comment

Hear is a complete, three part Yoga breathing exercise. You will find it both easy and healthful.

The Dirga Pranayama (Three Part Breath) is one of the basic pranayamas (or breathing exercises) of yoga. Sometimes called the “Complete Breath,” this pranayama is often the first one that beginners learn. The Three Part Breath calms the […]

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