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July 2016

Written By: Jim Long on July 29, 2016 No Comment

Popular notion holds that people who are trying to stop smoking often increase their alcohol intake as a way of compensating. A new study published in BMC Public Health, however, suggests this may not be the case.

Researchers found recent attempts to quit smoking were linked to reduced alcohol intake.
Lead author Jamie Brown, of University College […]

Written By: Jim Long on July 27, 2016 No Comment

The National Institute on Aging at the National Institutes of Health suggests that older adults should target four main types of exercise: endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility.
Endurance exercises help individuals be active for longer periods of time, such as going for long walks or playing with grandchildren. Click here for some examples of endurance
Strength exercises […]

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The perfect cup of coffee has the ability to nurture your soul and fuel your body so you can take the morning head-on. Whether it’s the familiar flavor or amazing aroma, it’s safe to say that when you start your day with a cup of Joe, you’re starting it right.

Coffee can do much more […]

Written By: Jim Long on July 12, 2016 No Comment

The following are simple remedies that can help with many forms of knee pain.

ExerciseTwo women are stretching their quads.
Strengthening certain muscles like the quadriceps can ease pain in the knees.
Exercise helps to slow the progression of osteoarthritis, a common cause of knee pain. Physical activity is important to the normal health of cartilage tissue.

Exercise is […]

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Written By: Jim Long on July 6, 2016 No Comment

When you want to whiten your teeth, it is not a one-time thing. When you eat a lot of staining products you need to be careful because you will find that your teeth start to stain very quickly.

There are people that try and avoid these types of staining foods but still end up with discolored […]

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