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April 2016

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Healthy eating is an important factor for maintaining bodily function and living a disease-free life. If you struggle with healthy eating, then you know that breaking unhealthy habits can be the most difficult part of the process. However, if you truly want to live the best lifestyle possible, it is important to follow these tips […]

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Numerous sources of information will tell you that fats are potentially harmful elements of your diet. While this is true in general, it does not imply that fats are not valuable from a nutritional point of view. In fact, fats are absolutely necessary for maintaining proper health. Fats are the chief form of energy stored […]

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Type 2 Diabetes Tip
Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition that affects the way the body metabolizes sugar. Left uncontrolled it can be life threatening.
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine offers some tips to prevent or manage this adult onset condition.
* Lose weight – Keep your body mass index (BMI) below 25
* […]

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