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February 2016

Written By: Jim Long on February 28, 2016 No Comment

Financial worries? You’re not alone. Around 72% of us feel stressed about money at some point in our lives. And according to new research, such stress may be causing us physical pain.

Financial woes may be causing us physical pain, according to new research.
Lead study author Eileen Chou, of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, and […]

Written By: Jim Long on February 21, 2016 No Comment

Life is what you make of it! But you need a game plan. It is hard to make progress in every area of your life at the same time. Too often we are two steps forward and one step back folks. But guess what? That’s progress!
I don’t have all the answers. As a matter of […]

Written By: Jim Long on February 20, 2016 No Comment

After eating the main course, it is always nice to end the meal with some desserts. You can save ice cream or coffee or you can do something better by serving other quick and easy dessert recipes.

The first one is called cherry chocolate bark. The ingredients that you will need are a bag of […]

Written By: Jim Long on February 14, 2016 No Comment

Lipid Altering Medication should you be taking them ?

You are aware that high cholesterol can be very dangerous to your heart disease and you will find that other serious health problems like a stroke. You will find that the doctor will suggest that you change your diet and lifestyle, but then there are some people […]

Written By: Jim Long on February 9, 2016 No Comment

Stress can adversely affect your body, your mind and your spirit. Relationship stress can be particularly harmful.

If a person is dealing with a lot of stress for a long period, it may start to affect their personal relationships.  There are many reasons why people will not be able to function because of their stress that […]

Written By: Jim Long on February 4, 2016 No Comment

Anxiety Disorders: What are They and do I have One? Can this affect my body, mind and spirit?
There are a number of stressful medical conditions affecting Americans, but one of the broadest topics is anxiety disorders. Millions suffer from anxiety disorders to some degree or another, and the specific disorders vary greatly from person to […]

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