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December 2015

Written By: Jim Long on December 26, 2015 No Comment

Quick and Easy Ways of Preparing Healthy Snacks

Today, people are more accustomed to having snacks due mainly to a fast living lifestyle. People just don’t have the time to sit down for a full and healthy meal so they try to get as much food as they can during meal time and try to cover […]

Written By: Jim Long on December 18, 2015 No Comment

Since the ancient times, Chinese have been drinking tea. They have believed and reported health benefits from tea. It has been used as a medicine in China for at least 4,000 years. Today, there are numerous studies showing evidences improvements in health attributed to tea drinking. More and more people drink tea […]

Written By: Jim Long on December 14, 2015 No Comment

If you’re working on a weight loss plan, one of the most difficult times of year can be the holidays. Around Christmas and New Years, the parties and meals you’ll attend will include foods that are high in fat and calories and low in nutrition. Fortunately, by following these five tips you can stick to […]

Written By: Jim Long on December 7, 2015 No Comment

Low Blood Pressure is a very unhealthy option for the body.

There are a lot of different effects that blood pressure can have on a body.  Most think about hypertension otherwise known as high blood pressure.  However having low blood pressure can cause problems as well.  Hypotension can be serious and it should be taken care […]

Written By: Jim Long on December 2, 2015 No Comment

There are many different ways that you can get healthy – doing water aerobics is something you might never have thought of. However, not only can it help you be really healthy and get the most out of your aerobic work out, it can do a lot more, as well.

When it comes to using the […]

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