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November 2015

Written By: Jim Long on November 24, 2015 One Comment

The old expression ”  mind over matter”  is better understood with the benefit of meditation.  People that are dealing with some kind of physical pain should realize what meditation could do.

Let’s look at a couple of different methods of meditation so that you can relieve pain.

First,using concentration in meditation can really help ease someone’s suffering […]

Written By: Jim Long on November 16, 2015 No Comment

For so many of us healthy living is something we are going to get to tomorrow. Most of us begin our healthy living campaign right after a less than perfect diagnosis from the doctor. We really, really plan to make these changes. Some are successful, some are not.
Instead of working on a huge makeover, […]

Written By: Jim Long on November 9, 2015 No Comment

Baby Boomers are now re-writing the rules of retirement. And why not? This generation known for its uniqueness does not view inactivity as a desired lifestyle. Previously most retired to inactivity. Getting older has not changed Boomers. When faced with traditional retirement or continuing in the workforce, 76% say they plan to extend their working […]

Written By: Jim Long on November 2, 2015 No Comment

From our Friends at the Medicare Rights Center

Dear Marci,

My father is terminally ill, and I have been doing research about possible options for his care. I came across information about hospice care, but I am not sure what it is. Does Medicare cover hospice, and if so, what are the requirements?

– Erik (Allentown, PA)

Dear […]

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