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September 2015

Written By: Jim Long on September 28, 2015 No Comment

You are aware that high cholesterol can be very dangerous to your heart disease and you will find that other serious health problems like a stroke. You will find that the doctor will suggest that you change your diet and lifestyle, but then there are some people who just need a little more. Lipids are […]

Written By: Jim Long on September 21, 2015 No Comment

Living Daily

Here are 7- count em- 7 tips for living daily. Well, you ask, “ What is the alternative to Living daily?” Simply put- the alternative is leaving this world sooner than you desire. If we came with an owners manual this would be included.

1- Exercise at least […]

Written By: Jim Long on September 14, 2015 No Comment

People use many excuses to give reason to why they are not eating healthy foods. One of the most common of these excuses is that they have no time to worry about choosing the best foods and cooking them for themselves and their families. These people usually grab fast food or take-out instead of healthier […]

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