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February 2014

Written By: Jim Long on February 26, 2014 No Comment

There are a lot of commercial health drinks out there in the market nowadays. They claim that they provide cure for illnesses, even citing studies of their drastic impact on cancer. But amidst these countless choices, we may e forgetting about nature’s most important “cocktail” – water.

Some health professionals say that most of […]

Written By: Jim Long on February 11, 2014 No Comment

More and more people are becoming conscious and open-minded about enhancing their physical appearances in order to achieve their goals in life. However, there are conditions that appear on our skin that beyond our control such as rosacea.

Today, one of the most common problems of people is suffering from different skin disorders like. Rosacea—a […]

Written By: Jim Long on February 5, 2014 No Comment

Disturbance in the typically organized, well-coordinated, and orderly electrical impulses in the brain is all that separates a normal brain function from an epileptic seizure. Under normal circumstances, nerve transmission in the brain occurs very smoothly, allowing the electrical activities to coordinate one unit of the body with other relevant units and the brain itself. […]

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