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November 2012

Written By: Jim Long on November 27, 2012 No Comment

One of the best ways to self improve is to accomplish your goals. This can lead to pride, to self-respect and to a better sense of responsibility.
86. Recognize your own path- when it comes to reaching your goals and improving your life, you need to be the leader. You are in control of what you want […]

Written By: Jim Long on November 16, 2012 No Comment

78. Schedule singles (or alone) nights as well- too much together time can actually lead to a strain in your relationship and cause you to lose touch with your inner self. Make sure you still do alone activities as well as activities together. Go fishing with the boys or plan a Wine Wednesday with the ladies. […]

Written By: Jim Long on November 8, 2012 No Comment

When you have a family, your self-improvement does not stop with just you- your children and your spouse become a big part of you. It’s important to find the harmony in your family relationship in order to improve your overall self worth. Furthermore, for those looking for love, self-improvement often goes hand in hand with […]

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