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February 2010

Written By: Jim Long on February 23, 2010 No Comment

We live in a very fast world.  There are going to be things that happen so fast and we are not usually able to react as quickly as we would like.  We may even lose our ability to think in a split second and make decisions.

It should not be this way.  We need to slow […]

Written By: Jim Long on February 10, 2010 No Comment

Can Foods Make You Feel Sick?

Are you feeling strange after you eat some kinds of foods?  Do you get itchy or feel funny in your hands?  Are you getting hives or swelling up? If so then may be you having a good allergy.  This is very common and many people go through the same problems […]

Written By: Jim Long on February 5, 2010 One Comment

There are usually two forms of Pilates.  There are the mat based ones and equipment based Pilate’s exercises.  With Pilates, the quality of exercises is the main goal.

Exercises should be performed through a slow sustained type of movement using abdominal control and the proper breathing methods.  There are many books and videos that are on […]

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