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10 Tips for Graceful Aging

Written By: Jim Long on February 22, 2011 No Comment

Graceful aging requires a healthy body, mind and spirit. Here are 10 Tips to get you to that healthy lifestyle.

1) Maintain an appropriate weight. Your diet should be low fat, high fiber and include generous portions of fruit and vegetables daily. Be sure to watch the nutrition information on food product labels.
2) Have a personal exercise program. Walking will get the job done as long as you get at least 30 minutes a day three times a week. More is better. Include some stretching exercises. A personal trainer or work-out partner is helpful. For best results combine both anaerobic and aerobic exercise. Be consistent.
3) Watch your own physical health. See your doctor(s) as needed. Take your meds as scheduled. Use supplements appropriately. Be sure you understand what any medication is to do. Understand any potential side effects. Know any interaction possible from multiple prescriptions. Your pharmacist can be a great team member.
4) Drink moderately. Studies show a little wine may be helpful. Don’t overdo it.
5) Just say no to smoking. We are becoming more and more an anti smoking society. As we age, we just look silly with a cigarette hanging out of our mouth.
6) Take charge of your financial future. Married or single be in control. Know what is coming in and what is going out. Know the value of you investments. Warren Buffet says he only invests in things he understands. Should you be different?
7) Don’t drain the brain! Even as we need to be physically active to maintain our body’s health. Be mentally active as well. Your job may provide this activity. Working or retired you may need to provide your own stimulus. Reading, working puzzles and other activities can be very rewarding. Use it or lose it!
8) Remain goal oriented. These days even a hospital stay often has a board to list the goals for the day. Always have things to strive for. Your reach should exceed your grasp.
9) Develop and maintain strong social ties. This is your support system. It can be work or home-church or civic groups. And don’t forget your weak social ties. These are the folks with whom you have limited contact. They too can supply needed support.
10) Watch your attitude. Roll with the punches. Learn new things. Don’t be afraid of change. Love life!

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