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Written By: Jim Long on January 19, 2015 No Comment

Anxiety disorders are often a product of stress. From GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) to panic disorder, you can cut back on the anxiety in your life simply by reducing stress. Stress is normal in daily life no matter who you are, but if you let your stress take control of your life, serious problems will […]

Written By: Jim Long on December 12, 2011 No Comment

Stress in your marriage ? You bet. It is a fact of life. But for a healthy body, mind and spirit, let’s review managing that stress.

Have you been married more than five years? Do you find that the tension between you and your spouse has been on the rise? Stress in the marriage is more […]

Written By: Jim Long on September 19, 2011 No Comment

Anxiety disorders is an umbrella category that covers a number of disorders, such as panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social phobia, specific phobias, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. However, all of these medical conditions can lead to even more health problems and emotional problems, so you may need treatment in a number of areas. One medical condition […]

Written By: Jim Long on March 15, 2011 No Comment

Have you noticed that most of us are living longer these days? It’s been in all the papers. Even government studies show our aging society. I have a friend whose father died at age 51. When my friend turned 51 and was still kicking, he decided to plan for a longer life.

Have you had an […]

Written By: Jim Long on February 22, 2011 No Comment

Graceful aging requires a healthy body, mind and spirit. Here are 10 Tips to get you to that healthy lifestyle.

Written By: Jim Long on February 21, 2011 No Comment

Using meditation is a great way to assure a healthy lifestyle. Your body, mind and spirit will be opened to a new peace.

There are tons of people that use meditation for a short time and then never do it again.

Some may get frustrated that they are not seeing the results that they want […]

Written By: Jim Long on February 11, 2011 No Comment

Smoothing your stress makes for a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Many people have everyday things that bother them. It may be someone at work, a money issue, and the traffic on your ride home or a loved one. No matter what the reason is, you need to deal with it and find a […]

Written By: Jim Long on January 24, 2011 No Comment

Stress from being in debt is not a healthy option for your body, mind or spirit.

Money is a source of stress, no matter how much you have, or don’t have. Stress is brought about by worrying what you are going to do with your money, where you are going to get money, and how […]

Written By: Jim Long on January 4, 2011 No Comment

We have now had a few days to get started with our 2011 “To Do”lists. Some of the folks who got memberships to places where they can work out have now made their first and last visit. Our resolve to eat less and lose weight has already turned into a hazy memory. So much for […]

Written By: Jim Long on December 2, 2010 No Comment

Long-term stress is really unhealthy. For a healthy body , mind and spirit each of us must know how long term stress can manifest itself.

If a person is dealing with stress on a regular basis and doing nothing about it, it will be considered long term stress. Long-term stress can lead to physical or […]

Written By: Jim Long on November 25, 2010 No Comment

Today is a special day of Thanksgiving in America. Wherever we live and whatever is going on in our life, each of us have much for which to be thankful. Family is always near the top of the list. Most of us have a healthy body. Yes, we have our aches and pains. For some, […]

Written By: Jim Long on October 11, 2010 No Comment

A healthy mind and spirit need a healthy body. But encouragement, motivation and coaching are important.

There are many times in your life that you might want to have the help of a personal trainer, and doing aerobic exercise is certainly one of those times. This is a situation in which a personal trainer can really […]

Written By: Jim Long on October 4, 2010 No Comment

Meditation can be the road to a healthy body, mind and spirit. With so many activities vying for our attention, maintaining focus can be a problem.

The Internet is one of those distractions. There are many different websites that will give us entertainment. These sites can include games, video and so much more […]

Written By: Jim Long on September 28, 2010 No Comment

No, I’m not toasting you over drinks at the club. Really, I lift to you (figuratively) a glass of V-8 . I’m not just talking about your physical health. You need a healthy mind and a healthy spirit as well as a healthy body.

Does that exhaust you? Are you tired of all the lists of […]

Written By: Jim Long on July 29, 2010 No Comment

For so many of us healthy living is something we are going to get to tomorrow. Most of us begin our healthy living campaign right after a less than perfect diagnosis from the doctor. We really, really plan to make these changes. Some are successful, some are not.

Instead of  working on a huge makeover, why […]

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