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Written By: Jim Long on April 26, 2012 No Comment

Have you given any thought to what old means lately? It can be a hard thing to get your mind around. There are lots of folks with lots of ideas on the subject. But you can’t go anywhere and get “the” answer.

There is a suit in my closet that I have worn for many years. […]

Written By: Jim Long on July 29, 2010 No Comment

For so many of us healthy living is something we are going to get to tomorrow. Most of us begin our healthy living campaign right after a less than perfect diagnosis from the doctor. We really, really plan to make these changes. Some are successful, some are not.

Instead of  working on a huge makeover, why […]

Written By: Jim Long on July 22, 2009 No Comment

Posted on July 9, 2009 by yourhealthyoptions | Edit

As your body gets older, you are going to naturally need more of some vitamins and supplements than you did when you were younger. This is something that you should keep in your mind, because as you age you are going to want […]

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