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Soy as a Powerful Healthy Option!

Written By: Jim Long on July 10, 2010 One Comment

Soy use is relatively new. You will find that there are tons of health benefits that you will be able to get from soy, but you will also want to include it into your diet regardless of the risk for heart disease, if you may have it. You should know that most vegetarians will eat soy as a substitute for meat, but it will also allow patients to lower your high cholesterol levels. You will want to check with your doctor about adding soy to your diet

There are a lot of doctors that recommend that you replace meat with soy so that you can avoid the bad fats, but get the protein that you need. At this rate, daily, soy has been proven to lower cholesterol. Even the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration has noticed the effects of soy and how it can greatly reduce your risk of heart disease. Cholesterol clogs veins and arteries with a fatty substance that hardens to produce plaque; too much plaque in the arteries can close them completely, causing a heart attack.  If you eat soy, you’ll be to reduce your cholesterol levels in your blood so that you can avoid build up in your arteries and heart. Lowering the amount of cholesterol by eating more soy can also reduce your risk for having a stroke.

You will also notice that the benefit that you will get from using soy in your diet does not just stop at helping you with cholesterol. You will also find that it can help women with their hormone troubles during menopause. The health benefits of soy do not stop at lowering cholesterol, however. Soy is also very beneficial for menopausal women, since it increases estrogen levels.

Then that will reduce the effects of menopause such as night sweats and hot flashes. Because it has been known to raise estrogen levels in the body, eating soy can also be very beneficial for men trying to treat prostate cancer. There are still some studies being done about how good soy can help you lose weight and deal with diabetes.

You will find that soy is a healthy food that can help you with many things including menopause. You can also use it to lower your cholesterol levels, but also make yourself generally healthy. You will want to ask your doctor about the effects of soy and how it may help you fight to become healthier. You will find that your doctor will fill you in with all the wonders and questions that you might have about adding soy to your diet and by using soy and exercise to make you healthier. You will want to add things like fruits, veggies, and grains so that you can have a stronger and longer healthy life.


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One Response to “Soy as a Powerful Healthy Option!”

  1. concerned says on: 3 October 2010 at 4:20 pm

    This article concerns me because you are not taking into account several negative points regarding the consumpton of soy. Let me begin by saying that I am (was) a huge fan of soy. I love soy milk and we used to make our own soy milk and tofu at home and still do occasionally in small amounts because we like it. I was devastated to learn the following:

    First is the most obvious: Soy is high in phytoestrogens which have properties that mimic estrogen in the body and should never be consumed by anyone who has had estrogen-sensitive breast cancer.

    Second: All legumes and nuts have phytates in their skins that inhibit the absorbtion of nutrients (minerals in particular) and interferes with protein digestion and soy is by far the worst of these.

    Third: Consumption of soy has been linked to a wide variety of harmful and potentially deadly health disorders including asthma, thyroid problems, premature puberty and developmental problems in babies and children, cancer, brain damage, kidney stones, high amounts of omega-6 fats, which is an inflammitory and throws off the optimal balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fats.

    The exceptions to this include any form of soy that has been fermented such as soy sauce, miso, tempeh and natto, the forms of soy that are widely consumed in Japan and can be used safely. Natto, in fermented bean form or as Nattokinase, a supplement in capsules or tablets is a powerful blood-thinner.

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