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December 2012

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At this wonderful time of year, let us all strive for Peace on Earth. This is a time for family and friends. Possibly a little food along the way. And kids make for great memories. I recall a Christmas Eve with all the kids and a bunch of cousins and two of the Hungry Hippo […]

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Check out this short video on your attitude.

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106. Break the Pattern- get up, work, home, gym, dinner, TV, sleep. Does this sound like your pattern to life, or something similar? Break it up.

107. Find a Balance- it’s all about harmony. Finding that perfect balance comes down to mind, body and spirit. Work on perfecting all three to gain self-importance.

108. Live for the Now- […]

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We’ve saved the best for last. These uber uplifting and furiously fun self-improvement tips are for you and you alone.

96. Laugh out loud- laugh until your cheeks hurt, laugh until your stomach aches, and laugh until the tears are rolling down your face. You’ve heard it before; laughter is the best medicine.

97. Set daily goals- […]

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