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March 2010

Written By: Jim Long on March 29, 2010 One Comment

A healthy body and mind is a by-product of  Pilates.

If you are using Pilates all the time, you will see a huge change in the way you feel and look and even the way that you perform.

Pilates is going to build up strength with no worries about being bulky.  It will give you a sleek […]

Written By: Jim Long on March 21, 2010 No Comment

Reducing your Stress Using Meditation

Many people have stress these days.  We have it due to school, work or home issues.  There are some people that can leave it all behind while others are facing the burden everyday.

The Art of Stress

With General Adaptation Syndrome, the model designed by Hans Selye, identified the three stages that people […]

Written By: Jim Long on March 10, 2010 No Comment

Following Fishes for Losing the Pounds: Water Aerobics

There are many different ways that you can get healthy – doing water aerobics is something you might never have thought of. However, not only can it help you be really healthy and get the most out of your aerobic work out, it can do a lot more, […]

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