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August 2009

Written By: Jim Long on August 26, 2009 One Comment

Lower your metabolism?  We all want that ! But what if our way of thinking leads to poor choices .  How can we have that healthy body?

“Temporary or permanent?” of course the latter would be the most popular answer unless you are the type who is strangely inclined with quick-constant-changes in your life. […]

Written By: Jim Long on August 21, 2009 No Comment

Getting a healthy body through weight loss is great!  But what about all those rules you run into on lots of diets?

When you want to lose weight, their might be a number of rules you will want to follow in order to shed the pounds as quickly as possible That said, some rules just don’t […]

Written By: Jim Long on August 18, 2009 No Comment

Keeping your own records of any medical care that you and your immediate family have received is the only way to be sure that your insurance and bills are free from mistakes. It may seem unimportant now, but later in life when you try to get life insurance or get treatment that is appropriate for […]

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Written By: Jim Long on August 11, 2009 3 Comments

Dry Skin Sometimes skin has a low level of sebum, which is the natural oil that is produced by skin glands. It is called dry skin and it cannot hold moisture and will look parched and feel tight when washed and in some extreme times, it can show some signs of chapping […]

Written By: Jim Long on August 7, 2009 One Comment

Aerobics Exercise in Conjunction with Anaerobic Exercise

Getting your exercise is always important. This should be something that you already know, but what you might not know is that type of exercise that you are getting is just as important as actually getting it. In order to be completely healthy, you have to get all of […]

Written By: Jim Long on August 3, 2009 One Comment

Usually, this space is reserved for articles and comments on physical problems and how to solve them. On our mental outlook and spiritual feelings. Today, lets digress to the mundane topic of Healthcare Reform.  You’ve heard about it.  It is consumming TV and all other media.  And well it should!  This hot topic has the […]

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